The history of our school

foto schoolHistory of the Polish school in Kurow begin on 2 October 1945, when the former German schoolhouse began teaching Polish teacher Czeslaw Wlaźliński. He was the only teacher of four divisions within five years. In 1950 a teacher was appointed Stanislaw Menchov, who resigned after two years of work. In 1952, work began Jan Sawicki and his brother Wladyslaw Sawicki. who assumed the duties of head of school, and served them in 1967, school has developed. New arrivals teachers: Barbara Simpson and later Kazimiera Stawiarska and Francis Kozik. Organizational level rose to 7 school classes. Mrs. Kazimiera married Wladyslaw Sawicki and after its passage on a disability pension obligations covered the headmaster. Introduction of new teacher: Richard ZIENTARSKI. In the years 1972-1975 continued overhaul of the school building. School changed its appearance completely. One wing was added, built housing for teachers. Area has been landscaped and fenced. In 1975 as a result of the reorganization of higher education established in Kurow school aggregate Cumulative branch schools in the District Bobolice. Gozdu children came from, where he lowered the degree of organization of the local school to 4 classes. Entered a new phase in the activities of the facility. Sabina has started sly, who in 1985 took over the responsibilities of the Director. Changed by the students, the teachers changed, changed social, economic and political. School developed. Enriched equipment: equipment, learning aids. In 1990 he took over as Chief of Grazynanew school Sikorska (and full of them today). Given the changes taking place in the country changed the conditions for the functioning of the school. Obtained a number of sponsors supporting the institution. thanks to him and the efficiency you made many changes to the director. Purchased audio-video equipment, kserokpiarkę, was a modern computer lab with Internet access. Spring of 1999 officially opened the Children's sports pitch for basketball, football, volleyball, running track and off. Many changes took place in a school building: lists the carpets, painted classes and corridors. In 1998, he renovated and painted the facade of the building. Children from poor families are provided with continued assistance. New arrivals, well-educated teachers constantly upgrading their skills. The effect is to increase the quality of education: success in the competitions concerned, knowledge of road traffic, sports, tourism and others. School was the first in the village joined the environmental program "Clean Vistula and the Coastal Rivers' song of the school was founded, whose author is a teacher and composer Krzysztof Sitarz. In 2000, the municipal authorities attempted liquidation and appointed the school gymnasium here. With a strong attitude of teachers, parents and pupils managed to defend the school. Today it is a school with a detachment of six years of zero. With success, students and teachers of our school is loud, not only in immediate environment, but also in the village, district, province.