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Obelisk Pamięci

Obelisk of Memory

monument"...Where no one will reward
us and that nothing we do not replace
the terrible years of years you will narrow
as the hands of death at birth"

K.K. Baczyński


Obelisk in memory of "the victims of slave labor in Kurow and the surrounding area in 1939-1945 and have been displaced from their homelands"


 After Poland regained independence, November 11 1918., Our country went through many a storm. This terrible event was the time of World War II. Nazi Germany after the conquest of Polish, in 1939. , And since spring 1940. Successive European countries, brought the weapon reservists. This was reflected in the lack of manpower in many industries and the agricultural economy, especially in the estates of large landowners and peasant farms. Acute shortage of manpower also occurred in the present municipality Bobolice. Already in autumn 1939. prisoners of war were sent here, followed by civilian forced laborers from the Polish and other conquered countries. Their total number is difficult to quantify, but may reach up to 5 or more thousand. Were released only at the end of February 1945 after the Red Army. Some of them settled here after the war. In 2003. efforts of the historical wheel operates at SP in Kurow and her babysitter Grazyna Sikorska, erected an obelisk commemorating the Kurow slave labor of these people. The obelisk is composed of a magnificent granite boulder and stone tablet with an inscription dedicated to the workers (the draft text prepared Bronisław Malinowski). Boulder has provided a member of the Ecological Society of Cultural  Robert Dural from Boboliczki, while the costs of implementation of the array co-financed Bobolic Mayor and sponsors recruited by the school director. The ceremony unveiling the obelisk took place on 12 November 2003. was preceded by Mass. celebrated in the local church by the parish priest Richard Baran of Bobolic. To commemorate this event, students at the school year, the feast of Regaining Independence by Poland on 11 November, made a symbolic bouquet of flowers, candle lit and adorned with a monument Polish flag.

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